Clothing, Hair & Make-up

Dress in a way that best represents your company and industry. You want to present an image that shows you are a competent professional with whom someone would enjoy doing business.

  • Simple dark clothes work best.
  • Avoid light colors, especially yellows, skin tones and pale greens.
  • Cool tones enhance skin tones and are recommended.
  • If you normally wear glasses, we suggest you wear them for your portrait. 
  • It is important to keep attention on your face. Long sleeves are a must for a portrait. Bare arms create unappealing contrast and distract from the face, thus defeating the purpose of your headshot.
  • Avoid puffy sleeves they can add 10-30 pounds in camera.
  • Accessorize sparingly and tastefully.
  • Wear your makeup as you would normally. Keep in mind that excessive eyeliner or heavy mascara will make your eyes look smaller. Let us enhance your eyes with our retouching process.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself! Your sitting will be quick, painless, and fun. Our retouching services (included in the cost) will have you looking your very best.