Headshot Photography for Orange County Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Dancers, etc.

We create highly effective imagery for you as a performer by discerning and communicating your individuality.

Located in Orange County, Tashia’s Photography has the ability to capture your unique qualities and portray what sets you apart from everyone else. We do this by talking to you and gathering as much information about you and your goals as possible. We truly care about your success because your success is our success.

A headshot is, first and foremost, a marketing tool designed to get you to work. A well-done headshot can change your career.

Your headshot is crafted to communicate the qualities about you that are generally consistent from role to role. Each headshot should have a specific casting goal in mind because its purpose is to get you, the performer, called in for those parts you are likely to be cast in. You will probably work with 3-4 different headshots that are specific to your casting potential and range.

When photographed properly, everyone has a world-class photo just waiting to be taken. Your portfolio is a success when you walk in the door and you are who they were expecting to see. Your headshot is your résumé to get you hired.

We guarantee you will absolutely love your headshots by getting your approval every step of the way and by continuing to shoot until you are absolutely satisfied.